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About Robin

I grew up in the beautiful burbs of Chicago. I have 8 siblings, however, my biological parents only had me. So, let's just say I have some serious street cred when it comes to blended families.  These early family dynamics are largely responsible for my passion and interest in people, laughter, relationships, perspective, choice, fulfillment, and joy. 


I have always had a great interest in serving the under-served, specifically children. I was able to weave that into my life as a student and have traveled the world volunteering and fundraising as an adult.  Professionally, I had great fortune for my first 14 years, after graduating from Xavier University. Mentors. Promotions. Awards. Teamwork. Happy Clients. Raises.  Then, with my ego a little inflated, and my curiosity heightened,  I switched companies to see what else was out there.  A few years into the new company, I got fired. It wasn't pretty.  I had never felt fear like this before. How would I pay for stuff? What would everyone think of me?  Not to mention, this was all going down while I was fostering a  beautiful 7 year old, hoping to adopt her, as a single person. I share this story simply to display one of the times ... life threw me a curve ball. 


Well, good news, I was able to shift and find a way through with a little luck, grit and unmatched love and support from my daughter and I  became a forever family in 2018. After a little time, I even found a new great company to work for. Now, I'm rocking the single mom life and all the fun that comes along with it. It's awesome and hard, and has inspired so many more questions inside me. With new chapters, come new opportunities. Which is how I've arrived here...Offering professional coaching services to you. As many of us have, I've had many informal coaches, and I am forever grateful. Of course, there is something a little bit different in working with a non-biased, trained coach versus friends and family. There's the opportunity for a little more honesty perhaps, structure and even accountability.  Life really is beautiful, but it's BIG.  There are so many decisions to make, questions to ask and sometimes sad or confusing times in front of us. So, I'd be honored to support you any way I'm able as you journey through ... let's discuss, think, plan, shift and stretch as your amazing life unfolds. 

topics I'm intimately familiar with: 


professional growth

executive leadership


job loss

mental illness in family

sexual/physical/mental abuse

foster care 


single parenting

financial success and or fears

divorce / blended families

positive well-being


weight gain/loss  

and when I need back up, I have an incredible circle of professionals who will be sure to provide support in meditation, mental health therapy, dietitian services, financial planning etc.... 

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